Commercial contracts

ABLD advises fruit and vegetable exporters on international contracts and commercial terms. Our in-depth knowledge of fruit and vegetable industry enables us to work with you to structure commercial and business transactions so that you achieve your goals while minimizing risks.

What we can do for you

In a high volume, low margin business such as international fruit trading, the key to commercial success and ultimate profitability often lies in being well prepared and creating a strong bargaining position. The stronger the position you have taken in, the less likely you’ll be called upon to use it. That is what we can provide exporters with.

Traditionally, not a whole lot of what is agreed upon between exporter and importer in the fruit and vegetable industry is put on paper. As lawyers we often have to work with a few sketchy e-mails to decipher what legal obligations are explicitly or implicitly assumed and by whom. If that is what we have to work with, than that is what we’ll do.

But as an exporters you can run your business so much smarter, and reduce your exposure to risks so much more, without having to resort to pages and pages of complicated contracts. Our extensive industry knowledge enables us to work with our clients to come up with commercial terms that are simple, straightforward and typically meet little if any resistance from trading partners.

Why us

  • We are good lawyers, we negotiate and draft well and have ample experience both in private practice and in house with major multinationals in food and agribusiness.
  • We are pragmatic lawyers: you wouldn’t be in business if you were entirely risk averse, and so you’ll need a lawyer who can work creatively with you to mitigate risks and maximize opportunities.
  • We know about the fruit and vegetable industry: Just as you need to understand the business in which you operate in order to be successful, so do we, and thanks to that we can expect to advise you effectively.

Let’s talk about your exports to Europe. We’d be happy to collaborate with you to help you move forward and achieve your goals.

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