Expand your business

At ABLD we help fruit exporters become stronger players in the European market. Setting up your own subsidiary in Europe, and managing it, was never easier and more affordable, even for relatively small exporters. It is not even necessary to hire local employees or commit to long-term office leases.

Why do business in Europe through your own subsidiary? Just a few of the most important reasons we heard from our clients:

  • Operating exclusively through an importer is like selling into a black box: you hand over your fruit and hope to get paid, eventually, without getting to know the market, developments and new opportunities. That is a fundamentally unstable and risky way of doing business.
  • The more customers you have, the more stable and profitable your business becomes. Even if you’re not actually doing sales through your own subsidiary, it’s a great way to maintain and enhance customer relationships throughout Europe.
  • It is a flexible and cost-effective marketing tool: you can set up and organize your subsidiary according to your (changing) needs. It can be a “pop-up” business during the season, or a continued presence throughout the year. And while you certainly can, there is no need to appoint a resident director, hire local employees or enter into long term office leases.

What we* can do for you

The short answer is: everything, except sales.

  • Naturally we will get you incorporated and arrange for filings and permits to keep your business in good standing at all times.
  • We’ll make sure bookkeeping is taken care of, and keep your subsidiary administratively running as per your instructions.
  • Maybe you want to send over employees for the duration of the export season, or maybe you want to hire local employees. It is up to you. We’ll take care of everything to make sure that whoever your send over or hire, they can hit the ground running and focus 100% on their work. That means we’ll take care of visa’s, work permits, employment contracts as well as all of the other practical stuff like finding a place to live, arranging for cars, schools, doctors, you name it.

Regardless of how you choose to run your subsidiary, we’ll keep an eye on it for you, to ensure that your interests are best served at all times.

* ABLD collaborates with several external parties to provide full service, but all your issues will be supervised by a single contact person.


Much of it depends of course on how you want to operate and manage your subsidiary, but you should consider at least the following costs:

  • Incorporation costs: the most straightforward way will cost you €10k. Only in exceptional circumstances will incorporation costs exceed €17k.
  • Recurring costs of running your business: Regardless of the amount of activity in the subsidiary, expect to incur around €10k on a yearly basis for the minimum of book keeping, filings and tax returns.

What about sales?

  • A subsidiary that acts as a representative or marketing office can work with local importers and distrutors to monitor and support sales
  • A subsidiary might act as a joint venture partner to importers, to enhance your involvement in the European market
  • Certain types of fruits and vegetables may well be sold directly to retailers and local wholesalers


Get in touch with us. We are ready to answer any questions you may have.