ABLD Fruit Trade Terms

The ABLD Fruit Trade Terms® are straightforward, standardized commercial terms that anyone can use who exports and imports fresh fruits and vegetables into Europe. The ABLD Fruit Trade Terms® help to avoid misunderstandings between exporter and importer and thereby build stronger relationships.



One of the surprising peculiarities of the international produce industry is that, in spite of the high value of produce being shipped overseas, precious little of what is agreed upon is written down by the parties. Price, quantity, variety and payment terms invariably ends up in e-mails or simple contracts and tend to be generally clear.

But if exporter and importer want to reduce the scope for conflict once the season is under way, it helps to have agreed to other important terms such as when risk of the goods transfers from exporter to importer, when and how claims relating to quality have to be made and where potential conflicts between exporter and importer shall be adjudicated.

The ABLD Fruit Trade Terms® provides exporters and importers with standard commercial terms for the international produce industry that provide clear rules on such other issues. They have been designed for use by exporters and importers of fruits and vegetables into Europe.

ABLD provides the ABLD Fruit Trade Terms® free of charge.

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